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Where does SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION operate from?

We operate exclusively in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. We focus on touching lives and changing destinies of countless orphans and vulnerable children.


What distinguishes SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION from other charities?

Our special is making a difference in one-life-at-a-time. We specially want to see the child’s development in every aspect of life right from the moment we recruit them. The end result is our exclusive brand.


Does SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION sponsor orphans?

Yes. Our sponsorships cover the essential or basic needs of the needy children like education, Medicare, clothing, and where necessary a loving foster care family. The need is great and we have very few sponsorships at the moment.


Why should I sponsor an orphan or needy child at SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION?

You can transform an orphan’s life by donating $50-a-month, or $600 a year to SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION. Your consistent contribution is very prized as it helps us give hope and put a smile of one orphan or needy at a time. Many of these children have so disadvantaged and your support means the whole world to them. Together we can make a difference.


Can I make a choice of which needy child I can sponsor?

Absolutely. You can pick a boy or girl of any age. Simply let us know what your preference is and we shall make everything we can to give you a feedback.


How will my donation help?

Your support will take us another step in taking an orphan and needy child to school, food on the table, clothing on their back, as well secure basic Medicare and psycho-social support.


Can I contact the child that I sponsor or send a gift?

Absolutely. You can write a letter or choose to speak with the child. However, most of these children are too young and may not know English well, but some who have matured a little and are not shy can speak. So we recommend writing a letter that the charity can read to the child. You can as well send a special gift to the child that you sponsor.


Can I visit my sponsored orphan?

Yes. You can personally arrange with the charity to visit the child that you sponsor.


How will donating towards an orphan home help?

We are on a development program to raise support to establish a basic home that will house the SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION children especially those who have no living relatives willing to foster them. This will offer the children an opportunity to live in a homely environment like any other child in society. Please contact on how you can be a benefactor on this special project.


Can I build a complete home for the orphan?

Yes. If you can make a united effort with friends and family, you can raise $150,000 for a complete three bedroom house for a homeless orphan. We would be happy to have you dedicate the home upon completion as a special memorial.


How do I get involved with SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION?

We are in need your generous donation to sponsor needy and orphan children who are in dire need of basic education, food, Medicare, and clothing.


Can I make a regular donation?

Yes. Regular support makes great impact towards this noble cause.  You will be taking to school a child who has no opportunity to have basic quality education as well give that child a beautiful day to smile about. Even your small donations that are less than $50 are very important. You could also make a one-time donation that can save an orphan child’s destiny.


What information and updates will I receive?

You will receive details of the choice child, and this shall include: the child profile, a message from the child like a letter or any writing or drawing from the child. We shall also send you annual and report of the child’s progress in education, a current photo of the child.


Is SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION a registered charity?

Yes. We are a legally registered charity in the Republic of Uganda. We qualify for tax exemption.


How can I donate?

You can make a donation to SONRISA DE HOPE FOUNDATION, P.O. Box 699, Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. You contact us for the relevant details for your support: you can use the following forms:

  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram or
  • World Remit.
  • Our bank details are:
    •  A/C. NO.: 1027201134951





  • We are also working on paypal for quick and efficient donations.


What are your plans for the future?

We have plans to establish a primary school, a vocational school as well as a medical center that will change no only the lives of the orphans, but the neighborhood. Some of the children in our communities walk distances to find a good school, and other school are overcrowded. Most children, let alone the members of our societies are ailing with sicknesses and disease that are curable but are out of reach to medical treatment, or cannot find the basic treatment in available medical centers.


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